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Crosville Enthusiasts' Club (1967).
As the name suggests the current club was founded during 1967 to cater for those interested in the operations and vehicles of Crosville Motor Services Limited. When it was formed the membership was mostly based in the operating area of Crosville, however this has expanded over the years and we now have members from all over the United Kingdom.

The Club apologises that the website has been temporarily unavailable for a short period. This was due to the sudden and untimely death of our webmaster, Carl Berry. The Club owes Carl a great debt for the work he did as our webmaster. Carl will be sorely missed by everyone in the Bus Enthusiast Community. .

We publish a magazine every month, called the REVIEW, (which is sent to each member) that covers details of current operations within Crosville's original operating area as well as news of former vehicles, staff and depots. To accompany the news reports there are articles, written by the membership, about their experiences and memories of Crosville and related subjects in the Merseyside, North Wales and North West areas over the years. Also included are the events of 25 years ago in 'Reviews Revisited' and the ability to keep track of the Crosville vehicles you remember.
We have details on the website with more information about the club's magazine (the Crosville Enthusiasts Club Review) which includes example articles from older issues in PDF format, and also an entire example Review in Word format.

All the articles that have appeared in the Review dating back to 1993 are detailed here.

The Club operates many tours and events every year taking in regular visits to former Crosville depots and some further afield where there is an interest to the membership. The details for this year are on the Tours page.

The Club has been fortunate enough to build a large archive collection over recent years. Click on Archive for more details, including example photographs.

We have a number of items of general interest and some of specific Crosville relevance that are for sale through the Club. These are sometimes surplus items that exist in the archive collection and the proceeds are used for the benefit of the club and the archive. The Sales page has more details.

How to Join
If the above sounds of interest to you, why not join us. The club year runs from August to July and the annual subscription is currently £26.00. You can, of course, join at any time during the year; for which a pro-rata fee will be available. Just download and print off the Application to Join and follow the simple instructions on the form.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via the Feedback page.

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