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Crosville has a long history dating from its formation in 1906 through to the split of the English and Welsh companies in 1986 and the subsequent demise. Our monthly Review magazine contains many topics relating to the history of Crosville.

The 'Local Transport History Library' contains an online Crosville history which is downloadable at (

There is an article available on Wikipedia which offers a history of Crosville. (

An online summary history of the company is available on Ron Hughes's Crosville website. His other website includes details of some of the absorbed companies, subsequent operators and present day bus operations in North East Wales.

There are numerous books that are dedicated to the history of Crosville, some examples are:

Crosville - The Sowing and The Harvest --- W J Crosland Taylor (written by a member of the founding family)
State Owned Without Tears by --- W J Crosland Taylor (The Story of Crosville 1948-1953)

Crosville Part 1 - The First 40 Years --- Carroll and Roberts
Crosville Motor Services 2: 1945 - 1990 --- Duncan Roberts
Crosville 3: The Successors 1986-2001 --- Duncan Roberts

A history of Crosville Motor Services --- R C Anderson

The Best of British Buses No5 75 Years of Crosville -- John Carroll
Crosville on Merseyside --- T B Maund FCIT

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