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Contents listings for Crosville Review from 2017.
Back issues not available at present, members will be informed if this changes in future.
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Issue 577 - Winter
   Crosville Cymru Chronicles   by Cliff Winstanley 
     Part 2
   My Experiances of Owning CRG103   by Carl Berry 
   The London Bristols   by Unknown 
   Wrights of Penycae/Wrexham   by Ron Hughes 
     A short historical summary
Issue 589 - January
   Focus on Oswestry   by Chris Clegg 
     Provision of a border town bus operation.
   Routes Tour around Llandudno and Llanrwst   by Paul Clayton 
     Saturday 16th April 2016
   Summers on the Buses   by Ron Hughes 
Issue 590 - February
   Focus on Oswestry   by Chris Clegg 
     Provision of a border town bus operation, part 2
   On the road   by Crosville United 
     S40 Llanidloes-Trefeglwys
   Summers on the Buses   by Ron Hughes 
     Part 2
   Two Days in July   by Don McKeown 
Issue 591 - March
   Only here for a year   by Don McKeown 
   Summers on the Buses (Season 2)   by Ron Hughes 
     Part 1
Issue 592 - April
   Crosville's North Western Quarter   by Peter Thorley 
   Summers on the Buses (Season 3)   by Ron Hughes 
     Part 1
Issue 593 - May
   Bristol LH - The first batch   by Chris Brown 
   Crosville's North Western Quarter (part One)   by Peter Thorley 
     The Fleet
   Flintshire Routes Tour 25th March 2017   by Tony Moyes 
     via Hope to Holywell and Back
Issue 594 - June
   Crosville's North Western Quarter (part Two)   by Peter Thorley 
     The Fleet
   Focus on Rhyl   by Steve Conway 
Issue 595 - July
   CEC south cambria tour report   by Paul Clayton 
     10th June 2017
   Chester New bus interchange   by Chris Lodington 
   Summers on the Buses (Season 3)   by Ron Hughes 
     Part 2
Issue 596 - August
   Crosville's North Western Quarter (part Three)   by Peter Thorley 
   How the 1967 crosville enthuiasts club was formed   by John Roberts 
   Memories of a founder member   by Chris Lodington 
   Summers on the Buses (Season 4)   by Ron Hughes 
Issue 597 - September
   CEC North Wales Tour   by Paul Clayton 
     29th July 2017
   Crosville's North Western Quarter (part Four)   by Peter Thorley 
     The Crosville Influence
   The 1967 crosville enthusiasts club first review - Number 1   by Chris Lodington 
     September 1967
Issue 598 - October
   A visit to Crosville depots in Mid and North Wales July 1967   by John Roberts 
   CEC Review number 2   by Chris Lodington 
     October 1967
   Crosville outpost in Devon   by Alan Walker 
     Crosville United 72
   Notes compiled for the North Wales tour 2017   by Tony Moyes 
Issue 599 - November
   CEC Review number 3   by Chris Lodington 
     November 1967
   Crosville outpost in Devon   by Alan Walker 
     Crosville United 72
   Express Motors   by Tony Moyes 
     Part 1
   From the diary of John Roberts   by John Baker 
     Wrexham 1961
Issue 600 - December
   CEC Review number 4   by Chris Lodington 
     December 1967
   Express Motors   by Tony Moyes 
     Part 2
   First Day, Last Day in Chester   by Chris Clegg 

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