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Contents listings for Crosville Review from 2019.
Back issues not available at present, members will be informed if this changes in future.
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Issue 613 - January
   Crosville Enthusiastsí Club (1967) AGM   by Phil Mitchell 
     Minutes of the annual general meeting held in Chester, 3rd November 2012
   Johnstown Depot   by Alan Wheeler 
   The National Bus Company - A brief resume   by Phil Mitchell 
Issue 614 - February
   A Forgotten Anniversary   by Pete Thorley 
     Crewe one man conversion
   Arriva Buses Wales    
Issue 615 - March
   Cheshire Revisited - Part 1   by Paul Riley 
   Crewe depot's EMGs and SMGs   by Pete Thorley 
   Voel coaches celebrates 70 years   by Ron Hughes 
Issue 616 - April
   A career with Crosville and Cheshire County Council   by John Roberts 
   Cheshire Revisited - Part 2   by Paul Riley 
Issue 617 - May
   Aspects of the D93/D94 timetable   by Alan Wheeler 
   Some notes on South Cambria VRs   by James Lewis 
Issue 618 - June
   Caernarfon area tour April 2019   by Tony Moyes 
     Whiteway Lives ?
   D and G bus    
Issue 619 - July
   Centenary of the Mold to Ruthin service   by Ron Hughes 
   Crewe, an unlikely base for Express Operations   by Duncan Roberts 
   Report of the South Cambria Tour   by Phil Mitchell 
     June 2019
   Royal Blue/Traws Cambria celebratory run   by Ron Hughes 
Issue 620 - August
   Memories of the R8 and it's fares experiment - Part 1   by Alan Wheeler 
   Poster from the Archive   by Duncan Roberts 
Issue 621 - September
   Memories of the R8 and it's fares experiment - Part 2   by Alan Wheeler 
   More express services from Crewe   by Duncan Roberts 
   Report on the Cheshire club tour   by Paul Clayton 
Issue 622 - October
   A celebration of Dennis Kerrison's photographs   by Dennis Kerrison 
   Omnibus Society archive at Walsall   by Phil Drake 
   Posters from the archive   by Duncan Roberts 
Issue 623 - November
   Crosville United - The M49   by Alan Wheeler 
   More Posters from the archive   by Duncan Roberts 
   Reports to the AGM 2019   by Phil Mitchell 
Issue 624 - December
   All because they owned a field   by Tony Moyes 
     A Powys circuit   by Ron Hughes 
     Better than sliced bread
   Reports to the AGM 2019   by Phil Mitchell 

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