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The club sometimes has items for sale, many of Crosville interest. These are all duplicate items to those already held in the Archive and the proceeds from any sales are put towards acquiring rare Crosville items unearthed in the future.
Listed below are links to various Crosville related items on Amazon and eBay. Using the links dosent cost you anything, however the club benefits whenever you buy an item on these websites, which we put towards the costs of running the archive. Because some of the Crosville related books do not have ISBN numbers Amazon sometimes lists them in different ways, which explains the multiple links for some items!
General search for books about Crosville on Amazon or eBay.
Crosville in Colour 1965 - 1985 ~ Martin Jenkins and Charles Roberts
Crosville: The Sowing and the Harvest ~ WJ Crosland-Taylor
  Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon eBay
Crosville: State Owned Without Tears 1948-1953 ~ W.J.Crosland Taylor
  Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon eBay
A History of Crosville Motor Services ~ Anderson R C
  Amazon Amazon eBay
Crosville ~ The NBC Years
The Heyday of Crosville ~ Martin Jenkins and Charles Roberts
  Amazon eBay
Crosville on Merseyside ~ T.B. Maund
Exploring Crosville Country: Part 1 England ~ John Hillmer
  Amazon Amazon eBay
Exploring Crosville Country: Part 2 Wales ~ John Hillmer
  Amazon Amazon eBay
The Best of British Buses: No.5. 75 Years of Crosville ~ John Carroll
  Amazon eBay
Crosville's Opentop Lodekkas ~ Philip Higgs
General search for DVDs about Crosville on Amazon or eBay.
Crosville Lodekka by Independent Transport
  Amazon eBay
Topless In Rhyl... and Crosville Memories by Independent Transport
Crosville's Centenary Rally and Road Run by Independent Transport
  Amazon eBay
Crosville 'L' Type Journeys by Independent Transport
General search for Models of Crosville vehicles on eBay
359 FM5887 Leyland TD1 EFE 99638 eBay
CLL927 FJA221D Leyland Leopard EFE 22508 eBay
CMG359 807FFM Bristol MW EFE 16223 eBay
CMG412 432UFM Bristol MW EFE 16202 eBay
CRG106 AFM106G Bristol RELH EFE 32203 eBay
CRG40 UFM40F Bristol RELH Graham Farish Scenecraft 379-531 eBay
CRG111 AFM111G Bristol RELH EFE 99707 eBay
CRG163 EFM163H Bristol RELH EFE 32202 eBay
DAA515 VDB 980 AEC Renown EFE 30704 eBay
DEG402 RDB897 Dennis Loline Britbus DL-07 eBay
DFG258 SFM258F Bristol FLF EFE 13911 eBay
DFB112 145YFM Bristol FLF EFE 14003 eBay
DFG157 4227FM Bristol FS Corgi OOC OM40809 eBay
DVG435 RMA435V Bristol VR EFE 20440 eBay
DVG477 WTU477W Bristol VR EFE 20407 eBay
ELL332 JMB332T Leyland Leopard BT Models B006 eBay
EOG210 C210GTU Leyland Olympian Corgi OOC 43002 eBay
KB1 FFM469 Bristol L5G Corgi OOC 97056 eBay
M160 FM6400 Leyland TD1 EFE 27302 eBay
M521 GFM906 Leyland PD1 Corgi OOC 40802 eBay
M611 KFM537 Leyland PD2 EFE 16103 eBay
MB251 FFM432 Bristol K6A Corgi OOC 97056 eBay
OVG467 WTU467W Bristol VR EFE 18604 eBay
SDD702 F702ECC Optare Delta Corgi OOC 42906 eBay
SL30 KFM429 Bedford OB Oxford NOB008 eBay
SL33 KFM432 Bedford OB Corgi C949/5 eBay
SL61 LFM398 Bedford OB Corgi OOC 42504 eBay
SLC67 F67FKW Leyland Lynx Corgi OOC 43109 eBay
SNL807 WFM807L Leyland National EFE 15102 eBay
SRG179 EFM179H Bristol RELL EFE 25203 eBay
STL915 LDB774 Leyland Tiger Cub EFE 24312 eBay
TFM633K Bedford TK EFE 23604 eBay
3992 YMB512W Bristol VR EFE 18613 eBay
General search for Crosville timetables on eBay
General search for Crosville photographs on eBay
Cardboard Models of Corwen and Flint depots are available from Kingsway Models.
General search for Crosville on eBay

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