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A very successful running day took place on 1st Jan 2022 between Chester and Wrexham. Using the Park and Ride site at Chester services ran to Chester and Wrexham using a variety of vehicles, including several ex Crosville examples with profits from programme sales being donated to the Nightingale House Hospice. The organisers are hoping to repeat the event next year, details here. All photographs are copyright to their original owners.

Firstly some Crosville vehicles
DFG157 by Stephen Meredith DFG157 by Efan Thomas

DFG157 by Stephen Meredith ERG52 by John Baker

ERG52 by Efan Thomas ERG52 by Gabriel O'Hanlon

ERG53 by Stephen Meredith EfanThomas-SNL588

Towards the end of the event and a hint of the impending sunset
SNL588 by Stephen Meredith 

Now onto other Merseyside vehicles
B926KWM by Efan Thomas N306CLV by Stephen Meredith

Off to London now
CUV213C and JJD532D by Efan Thomas JJD532D by John Baker

OJD93R by John Baker JJD532D by Stephen Meredith

Plus other operators
KPA369P by Efan Thomas M202LHP by Efan Thomas

BV21OOW by Stephen Meredith B206AFV by Efan Thomas

Details of forthcoming tours and events are on the tours page.


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