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Crosville has operated a diverse selection of vehicles over time, especially in it's early years. Articles about vehicles, their operation and news on movements are covered in the Review each month however there are also several websites and books that provide details of the vehicles operated.

A full fleet list with of all the vehicles operated by Crosville is available on Ron Hughes's Crosville website.
There is a separate list for all the vehicles operated by Crosville Wales at Crosville Wales Fleetlist.
Ron also maintains a separate website ( with details of numerous other operators in North East Wales, some of which were taken over by Crosville, including their history and a full historical fleet list is also available.

The 'Local Transport History Library' also contains an online Crosville fleet history which can be viewed or downloaded at (

Rob Sly's site focuses on the later model Bristol buses operated by Crosville (Lodekkas, LHs, REs and VRs) (
And the Bristol SU site focuses on the earlier models (Ks, Ls, LSs, MWs, SCs and SUs) (

The PSV Circle has produced a number of publications containing details of the vehicles operated by Crosville and Crosville Wales. The most recently published editions available are :-
A Fleet history of Crosville Motor Services Ltd and its predecessors Part 1 (1910-1948) [PC30]
Fleet History of Crosville Wales Limited [PC27]

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