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Listed below are details of ex Crosville/Crosville Wales vehicles that are know to survive. It is neither complete nor up to date however it's hoped to improve it over the coming months.
At present it covers all preserved vehicles plus all surviving vehicles with Bristol chassis.

For more information:
    The PSV Circle produce a book listing all preserved buses.

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A link from the registration column goes to a photograph of the vehicle, a link from the status column goes to more information about the vehicle.
Number Registration ChassisBodyYearStatus
DFB114 147YFM BRISTOL FLF ECW H38/32F 1963 Overseas 
SSG668 241SFM BRISTOL SC ECW B35F 1961 Preserved 
DFB43 256SFM BRISTOL FLF ECW H38/32F 1961 Preserved 
DFB51 264SFM BRISTOL FLF ECW H38/32F 1961 Overseas 
DFB52 265SFM BRISTOL FLF ECW H38/32F 1961 Overseas 
DFB53 266SFM BRISTOL FLF ECW H38/32F 1961 Overseas 
DLG950 286HFM BRISTOL LD ECW H33/27RD 1958 Preserved 
DLG951 287HFM BRISTOL LD ECW H33/27RD 1958 Possibly scrapped 
DLG960 296HFM BRISTOL LD ECW H33/27RD 1958 Overseas 
CMG386 302PFM BRISTOL MW ECW C39F 1960 Preserved 
DFB27 308PFM BRISTOL FS ECW H33/27RD 1960 Overseas 
DFG33 314PFM BRISTOL FS ECW H33/27RD 1960 In PCV service 
DFG38 319PFM BRISTOL FS ECW H33/27RD 1961 Preserved 
DFG156 4226FM BRISTOL FS ECW H33/27RD 1964 Possibly scrapped 
DFG157 4227FM BRISTOL FS ECW H33/27RD 1964 Preserved 
SSG626 566JFM BRISTOL SC ECW B35F 1959 Preserved 
DLB978 627HFM BRISTOL LD ECW CO33/27RD 1959 In PCV service 
SC12 782EFM BRISTOL SC ECW B35F 1957 Preserved 
SC13 783EFM BRISTOL SC ECW B35F 1957 Preserved 
CMG341 811DFM BRISTOL MW ECW C39F 1958 Preserved 
CMG434 815XFM BRISTOL MW ECW C39F 1962 Preserved 
MG876 833AFM BRISTOL LD ECW H33/27R 1957 Preserved 
MG879 836AFM BRISTOL LD ECW H33/25R 1957 Overseas 
MG881 838AFM BRISTOL LD ECW H33/27R 1957 Preserved 
MG891 848AFM BRISTOL LD ECW H33/25R 1957 Possibly scrapped 
DFG65 875VFM BRISTOL FSF ECW H34/26F 1962 Preserved 
DFG72 882VFM BRISTOL FSF ECW H34/26F 1962 Overseas 
ML904 886CFM BRISTOL LD ECW H33/25R 1958 Possibly scrapped 
DFG81 891VFM BRISTOL FSF ECW H34/26F 1962 In PCV service 
DFB82 892VFM BRISTOL FSF ECW H34/26F 1962 Possibly scrapped 
DFB90 900VFM BRISTOL FLF ECW H38/32F 1962 Possibly scrapped 
CSG655 904OFM BRISTOL SC ECW C33F 1960 Preserved 
DFB100 910VFM BRISTOL FLF ECW H38/32F 1962 Possibly scrapped 
CSG662 911OFM BRISTOL SC ECW C33F 1960 Preserved 
MG946 928CFM BRISTOL LD ECW H33/25R 1958 Other Uses 
DOG132 A132SMA LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1984 Possibly scrapped 
DOG134 A134SMA LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW O45/32F 1984 Overseas 
DOG139 A139SMA LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1984 Possibly scrapped 
DOG175 A175VFM LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1984 Preserved 
CRG103 AFM103G BRISTOL RELH ECW C47F 1969 Preserved 
CRG530 AFM105B BRISTOL RELH ECW C47F 1964 Preserved 
CRG106 AFM106G BRISTOL RELH ECW C47F 1969 Preserved 
CRG111 AFM111G BRISTOL RELH ECW C47F 1969 Preserved 
DFB150 AFM113B BRISTOL FLF ECW H38/32F 1963 Possibly scrapped 
SRG113 AFM113G BRISTOL RELL ECW B53F 1969 Preserved 
SNG2 AFM2W LEYLAND NL116AL11/2R LEYLAND B48D 1981 Preserved 
DOG155 B153TRN LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1985 Possibly scrapped 
DOG186 B184BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1984 Possibly scrapped 
DOG186 B186BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1984 Possibly scrapped 
DOG187 B187BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1985 In PCV service 
DOG189 B189BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1985 Possibly scrapped 
DOG190 B190BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1985 In PCV service 
DOG191 B191BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1985 Possibly scrapped 
DOG192 B192BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1985 Possibly scrapped 
DOG193 B193BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1985 Possibly scrapped 
DOG194 B194BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1985 Possibly scrapped 
EOG200 B200DTU LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1986 Preserved 
DOG201 B201DTU LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1986 Preserved 
KA27 BFM144 LEYLAND TS7 ECW B32F 1937 Preserved 
CRL294 BFM294L BRISTOL RELH PLAXTON C47F 1973 Possibly scrapped 
DVG520 BMA520W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Overseas 
DVG521 BMA521W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Preserved 
DVG523 BMA523W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Possibly scrapped 
DVG523 BMA524W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Possibly scrapped 
DVG368 BTU368S BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Overseas 
EOG207 C207GTU LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW CH45/32F 1986 Preserved 
EOG212 C212GTU LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW CH45/32F 1986 Preserved 
CMC217 C217KMA MCW DR130 MCW CH57/22FT 1986 Other Uses 
SNL352 CFM352S LEYLAND 11351 LEYLAND B49F 1978 Possibly scrapped 
SNL353 CFM353S LEYLAND 11351 LEYLAND B49F 1978 Preserved 
M52 CFM354 LEYLAND TD5 ECW L26/26R 1938 Preserved 
M511 CWB987 LEYLAND TD4 METRO CAMMELL H29/26R 1936 Preserved 
MSL122 D122WCC FREIGHT ROVER SHERPA CARLYLE B18F 1987 Possibly scrapped 
M???? D79VCC MERCEDES L608D REEVE BURGESS B20F 1986 Possibly scrapped 
DVG525 DCA525X BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1981 Possibly scrapped 
DVG528 DCA528X BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1981 Overseas 
DVG529 DCA529X BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1981 Possibly scrapped 
DVG530 DCA530X BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Overseas 
DVG534 DCA534X BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1982 Possibly scrapped 
CRG163 EFM163H BRISTOL RELH ECW C47F 1970 Preserved 
SRG181 EFM181H BRISTOL RELL ECW B53F 1970 Preserved 
KA158 EFM581 LEYLAND TS8 ECW B32F 1940 Preserved 
DFG182 EFM631C BRISTOL FS ECW H33/27RD 1965 Preserved 
DFB200 EFM634C BRISTOL FLF ECW H38/32F 1965 Possibly scrapped 
45 FM6397 LEYLAND TD1 LEYLAND L27/24R 1931 Preserved 
474 FM6435 LEYLAND LT2 LEYLAND B35F 1931 Preserved 
K10 FM6858 LEYLAND TS4 ECW B32F 1932 Preserved 
716 FM7443 LEYLAND KP2 BRUSH B20F 1933 Preserved 
K101 FM9984 LEYLAND TS7 HARRINGTON C25F 1936 Possibly scrapped 
DVL382 FTU382T BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1978 Possibly scrapped 
DVL392 FTU392T BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1978 Possibly scrapped 
DOG104 GFM104X LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1982 Preserved 
DOG107 GFM107X LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1982 In PCV service 
DFB180 GFM180C BRISTOL FS ECW H33/27RD 1965 Preserved 
DFB203 GFM203C BRISTOL FLF ECW H38/32F 1965 Possibly scrapped 
KB43 GFM852 BRISTOL L ECW B35R 1948 Possibly scrapped 
KB73 GFM882 BRISTOL L ECW B35R 1948 Preserved 
SNL390 GMB390T LEYLAND 11351 LEYLAND B49F 1978 Possibly scrapped 
ENL930 HFM186N LEYLAND 11351 LEYLAND DP49F 1975 Preserved 
SRG196 HFM196J BRISTOL RELL ECW B48D 1970 Preserved 
CMG561 HFM561D BRISTOL MW ECW C39F 1966 In PCV service 
CRG573 HFM573D BRISTOL RELH ECW C47F 1966 Preserved 
CMG581 HFM581D BRISTOL MW ECW C39F 1966 Other Uses 
ERG594 HFM594D BRISTOL RELL ECW DP50F 1966 Preserved 
DVG266 HTU155N BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1975 Preserved 
DVG270 HTU159N BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1975 Preserved 
DVG271 HTU160N BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1975 Possibly scrapped 
DVG273 HTU162N BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1975 Possibly scrapped 
DFG220 JFM220D BRISTOL FS ECW H33/27RD 1966 Preserved 
DFG234 JFM234D BRISTOL FS ECW H33/27RD 1966 Overseas 
DFG235 JFM235D BRISTOL FS ECW H33/27RD 1966 Possibly scrapped 
DFG236 JFM236D BRISTOL FS ECW H33/27RD 1966 Possibly scrapped 
DFG238 JFM238D BRISTOL FS ECW H33/27RD 1966 Preserved 
DVL401 JMB401T BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 19679 Preserved 
SNL588 JTU588T LEYLAND 10351B LEYLAND B44F 1979 Preserved 
KW117 KFM766 BRISTOL L ECW B35R 1950 Preserved 
KW118 KFM767 BRISTOL L ECW B35R 1950 In PCV service 
KG124 KFM773 BRISTOL L ECW B35R 1950 Other Uses 
KG125 KFM774 BRISTOL L ECW B35R 1950 Preserved 
KG126 KFM775 BRISTOL L ECW B35R 1950 Preserved 
KG121 KFM893 BRISTOL L ECW B35R 1950 In PCV service 
KA226 LFM302 LEYLAND PS1 WEYMANN DP35F 1950 Preserved 
KA244 LFM320 LEYLAND PS1 WEYMANN DP35F 1950 Preserved 
KA253 LFM329 LEYLAND PS1 WEYMANN DP35F 1950 Preserved 
SL67 LFM404 BEDFORD OB DUPLE C29F 1950 Preserved 
KG136 LFM717 BRISTOL L ECW B35R 1950 Preserved 
KG147 LFM728 BRISTOL L ECW B35R 1950 Preserved 
KG150 LFM731 BRISTOL LL ECW B39R 1950 Preserved 
KG153 LFM734 BRISTOL LL ECW B39R 1950 Preserved 
KG156 LFM737 BRISTOL LL ECW B39R 1950 Preserved 
SLG157 LFM738 BRISTOL LL ECW B39R 1950 Possibly scrapped 
KW172 LFM753 BRISTOL LL ECW DP31R 1950 Preserved 
SLB175 LFM756 BRISTOL LL ECW B39R 1950 In PCV service 
KW178 LFM759 BRISTOL LL ECW B39R 1950 Preserved 
KW186 LFM767 BRISTOL LL ECW B39R 1950 Preserved 
KW229 LFM810 BRISTOL LWL ECW B39R 1951 Preserved 
SLL617 MCA617P BRISTOL LH ECW B43F 1975 Possibly scrapped 
SLL620 MCA620P BRISTOL LH ECW B43F 1975 Preserved 
DVG284 MDM284P BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1976 Other Uses 
DVG285 MDM285P BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1976 Other Uses 
SL70 MFM38 BEDFORD OB DUPLE C29F 1950 Preserved 
SL71 MFM39 BEDFORD OB DUPLE C29F 1951 In PCV service 
SNL977 MMB977P LEYLAND 11351 LEYLAND DP48F 1976 Possibly scrapped 
DOG119 MTU119Y LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1983 In PCV service 
DOG122 MTU122Y LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1983 Overseas 
CRL292 NFM292M BRISTOL RELL ECW DP50F 1973 Preserved 
KW290 NFM46 BRISTOL LL ECW B39R 1952 In PCV service 
MW435 NFM67 BRISTOL KSW ECW H32/26R 1952 In PCV service 
SNL853 NFM853M LEYLAND 11351 LEYLAND B44F 1973 Other Uses 
SLL626 OCA626P BRISTOL LH ECW B43F 1975 Possibly scrapped 
SLL630 OCA630P BRISTOL LH ECW B43F 1975 Possibly scrapped 
SLL635 OCA635P BRISTOL LH ECW B43F 1975 Possibly scrapped 
MW476 OFM634 BRISTOL KSW ECW L27/28R 1953 Preserved 
DOG128 PFM128Y LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H43/32F 1983 Overseas 
ML663 RFM408 BRISTOL LD ECW H33/25R 1954 Preserved 
ML669 RFM414 BRISTOL LD ECW H33/25R 1954 Possibly scrapped 
ML674 RFM419 BRISTOL LD ECW H33/25R 1954 Possibly scrapped 
ML688 RFM433 BRISTOL LD ECW H33/25R 1954 Possibly scrapped 
ML690 RFM435 BRISTOL LD ECW H33/25R 1954 Possibly scrapped 
ML693 RFM438 BRISTOL LD ECW H33/25R 1954 Possibly scrapped 
ML696 RFM441 BRISTOL LD ECW H33/25R 1954 Possibly scrapped 
ML698 RFM443 BRISTOL LD ECW H33/25R 1954 Possibly scrapped 
ML714 RFM459 BRISTOL LD ECW H33/25R 1954 Possibly scrapped 
DVG433 RMA433V BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Overseas 
DVL435 RMA435V BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Preserved 
DVG437 RMA437V BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1979 Possibly scrapped 
DVG442 RMA442V BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Possibly scrapped 
DVG461 RUA461W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Possibly scrapped 
DFG250 SFM250F BRISTOL FLF ECW H38/32F 1968 Possibly scrapped 
DFG260 SFM260F BRISTOL FLF ECW H38/32F 1968 Possibly scrapped 
CRL304 SFM304M BRISTOL RELH ECW C47F 1974 Preserved 
ERG52 UFM52F BRISTOL RELL ECW DP50F 1967 Preserved 
ERG53 UFM53F BRISTOL RELL ECW DP50F 1967 Preserved 
DVG455 VCA455W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Preserved 
DVG460 VCA460W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 In PCV service 
DVG463 VCA463W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Possibly scrapped 
DVG464 VCA464W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Overseas 
ML731 VFM596 BRISTOL LD ECW H33/25R 1955 Overseas 
DVL348 WDM348R BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1976 Possibly scrapped 
SNL801 WFM801K LEYLAND 11351 LEYLAND B49F 1972 Preserved 
SNL808 WFM808L LEYLAND 11351 LEYLAND B49F 1972 Preserved 
DVG465 WTU465W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Overseas 
DVG467 WTU467W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Preserved 
DVG468 WTU468W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Preserved 
DVG473 WTU473W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Possibly scrapped 
DVG487 WTU487W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1981 Other Uses 
DVG494 WTU494W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Overseas 
ML792 XFM203 BRISTOL LD ECW H33/27R 1956 Other Uses 
ERG280 YFM280L BRISTOL RELL ECW DP50F 1973 Preserved 
ERG283 YFM283L BRISTOL RELL ECW DP50F 1973 Other Uses 
DVG500 YMB500W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Other Uses 
DVG509 YMB509W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Preserved 
DVG512 YMB512W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1981 Preserved 
DVG517 YMB517W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Possibly scrapped 
DVG517 YMB519W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Overseas 

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